Sizing Info

Please determine your correct size prior to ordering your item.

If you are unsure of your shoe size, please measure your feet to find your size. Please also note that each shoe brand fits differently and so your size may be different by brand and even be different by style within the same brand. Not all Nike fits the same for example.

Its a good idea to measure both feet. Some people have one foot slightly larger than the other. It is very common to have one foot a 1/4-1/2 size different.  Choose the size that fits the larger of the two.

General Rule for US Men’s Size match-up to inches:
Size 9.5 = 10.44″
Size 10 = 10.56″
Size 10.5 = 10.75″
Size 11 = 10.94″
Size 11.5 = 11.125″
Size 12 = 11.56″
Size 13 = 11.6875″
Size 14 = 12″
Size 15 = 12.3125″
These conversions are not exact, but as close as possible since each style of shoe may be different.  This also depends on the shape of your foot.

Also, its a good idea to think about the socks you’ll wear most often with your shoes. For thicker than normal socks you may want to order shoes 1/2 size larger than you normally wear.  If you require a wide width and no wide width sizes are available, maybe try ordering a ? size larger in the regular width.

We sell Men’s shoes, but Women can wear men’s shoes by converting their size to men’s by subtracting 1.5 from their numeric size. For example, if you are a size 8 in women’s, you could try a 6.5 in men’s sizes. Generally women’s shoes are shaped differently than men’s, but if you’ve worn a unisex Vans before for example and are familiar with how Vans fit, the shoe could possibly work for you.  We cannot however guarantee any size conversion.

Unfortunately, there is no international sizing standard. Sizes vary from country to country.  Please note that all sizes, are listed and sold in US sizes.

If your measurements fall between two sizes, you might decide to choose the smaller size for a tighter fit or the larger size for a looser fit.

If ordering apparel, please consider the style and material construction of the garment and if that style and construction will normally fit your body type or be agreeable in appearance with your preferred styling and fit preferences.

We do not guarantee or take responsibility for a perfect fit on any shoe or any other item.  Please be sure of your sizing choice prior to ordering as we do not accept returns, make exchanges, or change and/or cancel orders.


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