Waterman's Bottle Shark Skateboard Complete with custom art of a cartoon shark inside a bottle floating at sea with Thunder trucks and mini-logo wheels available at Waterman Supply Co Austin Texas
Waterman's Bottle Shark Skateboard Complete

Waterman's Bottle Shark Skateboard Complete

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Waterman’s Bottle Shark Skateboard Complete. Get a top-notch new set-up from Waterman’s. Premium quality Generator Wood that lasts longer, skates better, and pops more.  Our boards are best-level. We’ve matched our superior boards with Thunder Trucks, Mini-Logo or Ricta Wheels, and German Bearings and our Custom Texas Tape and Waterman's Hardware to get you rolling for a bargain just $119.99. All boards are put together with care and are ready to roll. Top stain color may vary from pic as shown. 

Get yours today in-store at our East Austin location or drop your order in the cart and we’ll get you shipped right away. Thank you. We’re here for you! 

  • Waterman’s Team and Logo Board Sizes 8.0, 8.25, or 8.38
  • Thunder Silver Trucks 147’s on 8.0 and 148’s on 8.25, 8.38
  • Mini-Logo 52mm/101a Wheels or Ricta Rapido Wheels
  • German Bearings
  • Waterman's 1 inch Phillips hardware
  • Waterman’s Custom Texas Grip Tape